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Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022
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The Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 clarifies the fire safety roles and responsibilities of the Responsible Person in residential apartment buildings of all heights. These new requirements include the sharing and registration of information with the local Fire and Rescue Service. The Building Safety Register automates the information sharing tasks to make sure you are always compliant with the Regulations. A full checklist of requirements can be found below

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Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022, checklist

  1. Share fire safety instructions with residents and display in a conspicuous location 1
  2. Share fire door information with residents 2
  3. Conduct annual flat entrance (fire) door checks 3
  4. Conduct quarterly common area (fire) door checks 4
  5. Conduct monthly fire-fighting equipment check 5
  6. Conduct monthly lift check (lifts intended for use by firefighters, and evacuation lifts) 6
  7. Install wayfinding signage (flat and floor numbers in stairwells and lift lobbies) 7
  8. Install and maintain secure information box (must contain contact details of responsible person, building plan and floor plans) 8
  9. Report defective lift and fire-fighting equipment to local fire service (reportable if the fault will take longer than 24 hours to fix) fault and subsequent repair to be reported 9
  10. Record monthly lift and fire-fighting equipment check (share results with residents) 10
  11. Share external wall information (design, materials, risks, mitigations) with local fire service 11
  12. Share electronic building and floor plans with local fire service 12