Building Safety Bill Survey

Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022
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With the recent publication of the Draft Building Safety Bill the potential changes to the role and liability of professional Building Managers could be profound.

In the days following the publication of the draft Act we have been asked by numerous Parliamentarians, Journalists and Residents groups for our views and have not been shy about voicing both our praise and concerns regarding certain aspects.

As a data-driven organisation we feel it would be far more useful to gain an objective measure of reaction to the draft Bill from the people in the regulatory hot seat, the Accountable Persons (Housing Associations, Councils, Managing Agents and Freeholders) who will be expected to demonstrate Building Safety through the production of the Building Safety Case.

Today we are launching the Building Safety Case Survey to gauge senior executive views on the Building Safety Case specifically and the Building Safety Regulator generally. Our plan is to repeat this process quarterly to track changes in sentiment and preparedness across the sector.

The survey results will be anonymised and shared with Parliamentarians and public via this website and our social media channels. If you would like to take part in this survey please email or complete the GET IN TOUCH form.