Building Safety Logbook – A Manifesto

Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022
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Saving Lives and Careers with The Building Safety Register

We see a future where every building can prove safety at all times and the regulatory system that oversees building safety is trusted and effective. Nobody should be trapped and unsafe in their home. Building safety requires transparency of fire and life safety information. It’s about getting the basics right, month on month, year on year. Following a process and being able to prove it at all times.

We are in a building safety crisis. Action is required to restore confidence in building safety. This can be achieved simply, quickly and affordably with a central, digital register of building safety information – The Building Safety Register. The urgent creation of this register will also meet or exceed the Hackitt recommendations for golden thread, resident engagement and building safety cases.

To gain control of the building safety crisis we need a digital first approach to building safety management and resident engagement. By creating a digital building safety logbook for every building we will ensure building safety across the UK and restore confidence for residents.


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A Building Safety Logbook

Our streamlined approach to managing building safety is the quickest and easiest way to get ready for the new regulator and most importantly make your building safe and keep it safe over time.

We must also begin thinking about buildings as a system so that we can consider the different layers of protection that may be required to make that building safe on a case-by-case basis

Dame Judith Hackitt – Building a Safer Future Report 2018